How long will my TCOD be valid?

This is a fluid situation involving zoning, building, fire and health approvals. 

  1. When the Governor’s Executive Order is lifted and you can resume indoor dining, the Temporary Certificate for Outdoor Dining (TOCD) will be subject to review and may be suspended if it is found that you cannot accommodate both indoor and outdoor dining based upon your unique requirements for parking, and safety factors.
  2. Regardless of ongoing reviews, no TCOD will remain in effect past August 31, 2020 unless conflicting Executive Orders are issued by the Governor.  In that case, Certificate extensions may be evaluated.
  3. Approvals from the Building and Fire Officials may have varying expiration dates.  These shall be noted in any decision letter authorizing you to proceed.  The applicant must ensure that all aspects of the approvals are kept up to date.
  4. All TCODs are subject to revocation for failure to follow safety protocol and/or the creation of any nuisance.

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