What kind of streetlights does Westbrook currently use?

The majority of streetlights currently used in Westbrook are High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lights mounted on wooden utility poles owned by Eversource or Frontier. The remaining fixtures have bulbs mounted in lantern style fixtures on metal poles in newer subdivisions or metal halide fixtures like those on Flat Rock Place leading to the Westbrook Outlets.

 While HPS has been one of the most common streetlight technologies across the country for decades, it has several drawbacks.

 HPS streetlights are not energy efficient, cast an orange light under which it is difficult to see color accurately and tend to produce light that is not of optimal quality. The other decorative type lights also lack energy efficiency.

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1. What kind of streetlights does Westbrook currently use?
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14. How do I find more information about the LED streetlight conversion project?
15. Who do I contact to report streetlights that are out, flickering, or on during the day?