I am Totally Disabled, do I qualify for any Tax Breaks?

Totally Disabled Tax Exemption: This program takes $1,000 off of the assessment of your home.  If you do not own your home, the exemption comes off of your most expensive vehicle.  Along with the application, proof of eligibility must be submitted as well.  This can be an award letter from Social Security, the Department of Veteran's Affairs, or any other Federal, State or Local Government Retirement or Disability Plan.  If over the age of 65, a Physician's Certificate, with a Doctor's signature may be submitted in place of the award letter.  The Application and the Physician's Certificate can be found by clicking here:  document [Original Size]as well as the Assessor Page of the website.

Elderly/Disabled Homeowner Program: Runs between February 1 and May 15, each year. The applicant must be a Homeowner 65 years of age to apply or any age if they are permanently and totally disabled and qualify with the state income limits. Please bring a copy of your form 1040 and/or form SSA-1099 when applying. This program is also called the Circuit Breaker program and the application must be filed every two years. Along with the Homeowner’s age or disability requirements, the applicant(s) must fall within qualifying income limits (these limits change every year, so contact the Assessor for this information).

Ambulatory Vehicle Benefit: If you own a motor vehicle that has been modified to meet your, or a family members, disability needs, that vehicle is eligible to be tax exempt.  The application, which can be found by clicking here: document [Original Size]  as well as the Assessor Page of the website, needs to be submitted to the Assessor's Office by October 1st, along with an invoice, stating the modifications to the vehicle.

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