Nursing Services

health_and_nursing_services_bannerThe nursing services provided by the Westbrook, Ct Visiting Nurses consists of intermittent skilled nursing care according to a plan established by a physician.  

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • The care of terminally ill - a program that places care on the quality of remaining life.  Emphasis is on pain and symptom control with special attention given to the social, emotional, and spiritual needs of the client and family;
  • Injections, wound care, catheter care, disease education, case management, medication instruction and other treatments;
  • Teaching the client and/or caregiver how to manage between visits and assisting them in becoming independent in self-care whenever possible;
  • Supervision of the home health aide in the provision of personal care and support services;
  • Providing nutritional guidance and education to help the understanding of special diets as prescribed by the physician;
  • Assessment of the home care client and caregiver needs with the focus on remaining in the community safely; and
  • Acting as coordinators and advocates of care.  Communicating with the physician and other members of the healthcare community in the provision of home care and other support services, such as home health aides.