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Online Tax Bill Payment

Please be advised that any taxes due may be mailed to the Tax Collector’s office (address to the right) or may be paid online.  

To pay electronically, please follow this link:  click_here_green

For Special Information regarding Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicle operations during this pandemic time-frame, please see our dedicated DMV Information page.

Facts Concerning Westbrook, Ct. Taxes

What is mill rate:

The mill rate is the amount of tax payable per dollar of the assessed value of a property. The mill rate is based on "mills." It is a figure that represents the amount per $1,000 (1/1,000) of the assessed value of property, which is used to calculate the amount of property tax.  The mill rate is typically set in May of each year following the passage of the annual budget.

How is mill rate determined?

The budgeted revenue for the town divided by the total assessed value of all property equals the mill rate.  Once the mill rate for the town has been determined, an individual property’s assessed value is multiplied by this tax rate to determine the tax owed. 

How are town taxes calculated?

To calculate the tax on your property, multiply the total assessed  value by the tax rate.

General Tax Billing Information

Tax bills are mailed out once a year on June 30th.

Your bill will have 3 parts:  one part for your records, one part representing July's payment and one part for January's payment.

Delinquent interest on taxes due accrues as of the due-date with interest charged monthly at an interest rate of 1.5% of the unpaid taxes with a $2.00 minimum charge.

Due dates for paying your taxes

Real estate and personal property tax bills:

Westbrook has set due dates for real estate and personal property tax bills (if over $100), to be divided in two equal halves - July 1st and January 1st.

Technically, State of Connecticut Statute §7-383 stipulates that taxes are due and payable in full on July 1.  In actuality, State of Connecticut Statute (§12-142) allows for the Legislative Body of Westbrook (via Town Meeting) to set the due dates for taxes. 

Motor vehicle tax bills:

Motor vehicle taxes are due and payable in full - July 1st.

Motor vehicle supplement bills (for vehicles registered after October 1st of any given year) are due in full - January 1st.

NOTE: There is a 30 day grace period to pay without penalty.

No reminder bills are sent

Mill Rates

Mill Rate
2022 21.32
2021 20.76
2020 25.00
2019 25.00
2018 24.67
2017 24.37
2016 24.37
2015 23.14