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The Connecticut Freedom of Information Act

This compilation of the Freedom of Information Act (Chapter 14 Conn. Gen. Stats.) is unofficial and is provided for the convenience of the public. While every effort was made to attain complete accuracy herein, the reader is advised to consult the Connecticut General Statutes for the official codification of the law.

NOTE: The portions of Public Act 21-2 (June Sp Session) that pertain to the conduct of remote meetings, have not yet been codified into the FOI Act.  For information on those new provisions, please refer to the Commission's primer on the remote meeting legislation here

On March 2, 2023 there was a presentation of general information regarding the FOIA Act in Westbrook, Ct.

The recording of the audio can be found by clicking here: Audio Icon Opens in new window

And, the Video recording can be downloaded here: Video Icon Opens in new window