Westbrook, Connecticut
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Welome to WestbrookThe Singing Bridge - Photo by Rich HoltonTown Hall Rear Entrance - Photo by Rich HoltonPatchaug River - Photo by Rich HoltonTown Hall - Front - Photo by Rich Holton
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Superintendent of Schools:
Patricia Ciccone
158 McVeagh Road
Phone: (860) 399-6432
Fax: (860) 399-8817

Finance Manager:
Barbara Guay
158 McVeagh Road
Phone: (860) 399-6432

Daisy Ingraham Elementary School

Katharine Bishop
105 Goodspeed Drive
Phone: (860) 399-7925
Board of Education
Matthew Alaimo, Chairperson
Diane Bielawa, Joseph Campbell
Sally Greaves, Myrn Keryc, Secretary
Reagan Krane, Delia Adorno
Maureen Westbrook, Vice-Chairperson
Marti White

Westbrook High School

Robert Hale
156 McVeagh Road
Phone: (860) 399-6214

Westbrook Middle School

Philip House
154 McVeagh Road
Phone: (860) 399-2010
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