Town of Westbrook

Web Survey

1.      Which of the following best describes the type of web visitor that you are?  (Check all that apply)
Resident    Non-Resident    Town Employee
2.    How often do you visit the web site?
3.    How do you typically arrive at the website?
4.    Why do you visit the web site? (Check all that apply)
For recreational information    For information specific to the town/area 
For information on a specific program/office
For news and updates    To view the calendar of events
For research information/publications/GIS data
To obtain laws/regulations To download application/registration forms
Looking for employment information
To find volunteer/internship opportunities For School Research
General interest/browsing
5. Which of the following do you use to find information on the web site?
6. Have you been able to find the information you're looking for?
7. Was the content of the website easy to understand?
8. Was the level of technical terms used appropriate?
9. Was the number of and use of abbreviations and/or acronyms appropriate?
10. Was the information provided timely and up to date?
11. Is the site visually appealing?
12. Was the site easy to navigate?
13. Do you have any comments or suggestions about our website you would like to share?
14. Please enter your contact information, so we may reach you if we have questions regarding your comments:
Thank you so much for taking the time to complete this survey.