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New Emergency Notification System


The State of Connecticut has implemented a new emergency notification system, CT ALERT ENS (Emergency Notification System) to broadcast imminent messages to the residents of Connecticut. The system is implemented through the local 911 Center. When an emergency is forecasted to affect the Town of Westbrook, Westbrook residents and businesses will receive their notification from the Valley Shore 911 Dispatch Center. Types of notifications include severe weather and evacuation, transportation hazards that include major road closures and/or evacuation, law enforcement pertaining to public safety and any other reason deemed necessary to notify the public regarding their well being and safety. The system will not be used for civic announcements or messages relating to political events. Here in Westbrook, the system is separate from the school system and can’t be joined together.

The CT ALERT ENS uses information from the existing E911 telephone database. Residents and businesses with a home based telephone have automatically been added to the system. However, the system allows you to add your cell phone or any other smart phone device, pager and email to the notification list.

Westbrook Emergency Management is urging all residents to set up a profile on the system to add your cell phone and email. The process is easy and only takes a few minutes. Sign up at www.ctalert.gov as this is a safe, secure website. All information is held secure and confidential. The system adds extra value to the user as it allows you to implement different addresses for potential notification. You can add your work address, loved one in another town or a day care address for children as examples.

When an emergency is imminent or has occurred, an emergency official will contact the Valley Shore 911 Dispatch Center providing them with pertinent information. The dispatcher then uploads the information into the predesigned software and immediately the system begins to send the message to you; based upon your selection in your sign up. In less than a few minutes, you will have a phone call, text message and/or an email providing you with the message.

The CT ALERT ENS has been used over the last year throughout the state and has proven itself to be a successful tool to emergency responders and mangers. The Town of Westbrook has implemented the system in its Emergency Operation Plan and will use it as it deems necessary for your safety. Please sign up to ensure you have the capability to receive notifications on all your communication devices. If you have any questions, please contact Westbrook Emergency Director Don Izzo at westbrookem@comcast.net.

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