September 26, 2008




TO:  Chairmen, Recording Secretaries of all Boards, Commissions and Committees

        Board of Selectmen

        Town Hall Employees


FROM:  Noel Bishop, First Selectman

               Joan S. Angelini, Town Clerk


RE:  Important Request



Recently adopted  Public Act No. 08-3 of the General Assembly now requires that effective October 1, 2008 all municipal public agencies that have current web sites must post their agendas, meeting minutes and notices for special meetings on the Town’s web site.  The minutes for each meeting must be available on the Town’s web site within seven days after meeting and special meeting notices must be posted on the Town’s web site not less than 24 hours before the special meeting.


As a result, all recording secretaries of all town’s boards and commissions for Westbrook will begin immediately (if you do not already) emailing your agendas, minutes, special meeting notices to the town clerk’s office.  The email address is They will then be put on the town’s Website as they are received.  Agendas must reach this office no later than 24 hours prior to meeting time. 


Also very important issue is to contact town clerk’s office at (860) 399-3044 notifying us you have sent your agendas and or minutes.


Be aware this process will take some time to perfect; please be patient with us.

We are asking you to make every effort to be in full compliance with this legislation to avoid any FOI complaints against our town.


Please contact the Town Clerk’s office at (860) 399-3044 with any further questions.


Your cooperation in this effort is greatly appreciated.