What does the project involve?

The Board of Finance and Board of Selectmen approved the project’s expenditure and the contractor selected at their meetings last November and the vote to approve the project was unanimously approved by town residents at a Town Meeting last December. The Town purchased the existing high-pressure cobra head fixtures on utility poles and decorative streetlights from Eversource in mid-April, 2018 and will pay Siemens for the LED installations once they are complete. The total cost before the expected rebate of some $50,000 was approved at $387,000 and a $5,000 grant that the Energy Committee earned will be used to purchase spare fixtures. 

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1. What kind of streetlights does Westbrook currently use?
2. What are LED streetlights?
3. What color of light are LED streetlight fixtures?
4. Why might the new LED fixtures appear to be dimmer to some?
5. Did the Town explore other options, such as wireless controls for dimming and solar-powered LED streetlight fixtures?
6. Why is Westbrook doing an LED streetlight conversion project?
7. Why not let Eversource replace the existing HPS cobra head fixtures instead of the Town purchasing and replacing them?
8. How many streetlights is Westbrook replacing with the LED streetlight conversion project?
9. How much will Westbrook likely save when it upgrades to LED streetlight fixtures?
10. How long will the project last?
11. What does the project involve?
12. Where are the pilot fixtures being installed?
13. What is Westbrook doing with all of the streetlights it is removing?
14. How do I find more information about the LED streetlight conversion project?
15. Who do I contact to report streetlights that are out, flickering, or on during the day?