Coastal Resiliency Committee


At the November 8, 2022 Board of Selectmen meeting the BOS approved the following mission statement for the Westbrook Coastal/Climate Resiliency Committee:


This Westbrook Coastal Resiliency Committee will work with town staff and the community to analyze, coordinate, and prepare a Coastal Resiliency Plan in conjunction with the neighboring communities of Old Saybrook, Clinton and Fenwick.  The Plan will address the impact of climate change, storm surge, flooding, extreme weather events and sea level rise and address issues across the system-wide needs of the community including social, cultural, historic and economic needs, infrastructure needs, facility needs and the needs of the natural environment.  The Plan will identify projects which address the risks and hazards to Town infrastructure and coastal properties (public and private) and that will increase community resilience.

The Committee shall also conduct educational and public outreach activities during the preparation of the plan and will communicate its findings and recommendations, and shall provide budgetary and policy recommendations to the Board of Selectmen and Board of Finance.

The Coastal Resiliency Committee shall report directly to the Board of Selectmen in carrying out its duties.

In executing its mission, the Coastal Resiliency Committee shall:

Engage technical consultants as needed to assist in the execution of this charge;

Recommend prioritization of Coastal Resiliency projects, including review of costs and funding sources/grant opportunities, professional services requirements, next steps, action steps, additional resource needs

Review and summarize the key actions, studies and reports that the Town has taken or prepared in recent years to improve the Town’s coastal resilience, in order to identify common findings, goals, opportunities for coordination, and recommendations

Review pertinent existing policies and regulations to include climate change mitigation/adaptation and coastal resiliency accommodations; identifying any “disconnects” between regulations and practice and/or conflicts and recommending ways to achieve alignment; reviewing proposed pertinent regulations for climate change mitigation/adaptation and coastal resiliency purposes.

Assist with obtaining community feedback from all areas of the community, including ways to engage seasonal residents.  Conduct public education and outreach to residents, homeowners, businesses, and other stakeholders about the Town’s vulnerabilities to climate change and sea level rise.

Review information on sea level rise projections with regard to impacts on the community

Review the activities of other coastal communities as related to coastal resiliency planning and projects

Provide regular updates to the Select Board and other Town Boards and Commissions

Maintain communication with similar committees in our neighboring municipalities, and with state, regional and federal agencies to coordinate planning and projects where practical, including the Connecticut Institute for Resilience and Climate Adaptation (CIRCA) and the Department of Energy & Environmental Protection (DEEP), to assist in evaluating the projected impacts of climate change and sea level rise;

Within eighteen (18) months, develop a Resiliency Plan for consideration and adoption by the Board of Selectmen;

Coastal/Climate Resiliency Committee - Members

Sid HolbrookChairman - Member at Large
Marilyn OzolsV. Chair  -  Planning Commission Representative
Ron Botelho
Council of Beaches Representative
Andy Calderoni
Harbor Commission Representative
Tony Cozza
Board of Finance Representative
Evan Cusson
Business Community Representative
Mike Engels
Zoning Commission Representative
John Hall – First Selectman
Ex-Officio Member


Peter Gillespie – Town Planner

Suzanne Helchowski - Clerk

The Town successfully applied for and received a $150,000 grant from the Long Island Sound Futures Fund (LISFF) through the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) to prepare a Coastal Resiliency Plan. 

The Town has partnered with Towns of Clinton, Old Saybrook and the Borough of Fenwick on a muti-town resiliency plan. The Towns have hired Colliers Engineering & Design and Anchor QEA to prepare the Plan.

A project website;  has been set up for the planning process. The Plan is expected to be completed in June, 2024. Please visit the website to learn more and plan updates.

Resiliency Cycle

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