Basic Reminders

                                                                    How Much Water Should I Keep On Hand?

                                                                 Things to Do…...Before and After

Scroll down to read the list of things to do, before and after a disaster. This is not an all-inclusive list. Just some common sense and simple reminders to help us. Many of these are related to weather events but could pertain to other situations when appropriate.

  • Bring inside gas grills (remove tank), lawn furniture, umbrellas, flags, garbage cans and other items that will / could fly away and possibly cause damage to you and/or your neighbor’s property.
  • A full tank of gas is important for all vehicles; for evacuations and after the disaster when gas stations are closed due to ‘no power’. You can charge your electronic devices and listen to the AM/FM radio for recovery updates. Don’t forget a road map of the State of Connecticut.
  • If you have a gas grill, ensure your primary tank is full. We recommend a second tank also be filled too. A second tank will assist you in long duration cooking. NEVER cook on a grill inside a garage or home. Follow all safety precautions.
  • Have cash on hand. ATMs are out of service when the power is lost, and most banks will remain closed. Retails stores could have limited services for purchases until power is restored.
  • BUY SMART:  Purchase appropriate food and supplies, anticipating a power loss. If appropriate, increase supplies of infant/baby formula and diapers. Go to Food Safety/Power Loss for more information.
  • Review your supply of prescription, life critical medication. Contact your doctor to ensure you have an appropriate supply to last through the event.
  • Storage of personal belongings, memorabilia and important documents should be away from water prone areas. Important documents such as Social Security cards, Birth Certificates and Insurance information should be stored in water/fireproof devices or stored in a secure location.
  • KEEP on hand: fresh, new batteries (and extras) for your portable AM/FM radio, flashlights and other devices. Everyone with a cellphone/laptop/tablet/iPod/iPad should have a car charger with the device. Light sticks, not candles are best for nighttime lighting. They are cool to the touch and are not a fire hazard, lasting 8-12 hours.
  • Note: Getting Information from the TV/Radio/Internet could be challenging after a disaster when power is lost. Westbrook EM recommends you view this website and our Facebook page for additional information. Depending on the size of the outage and duration, we will deploy our low power AM Radio Stations.
  • Prepare a list of repair / home improvement contractors and vendors. Consult with family, friends and others with past repair experiences. The ‘Yellow Pages’ and the Internet can provide additional resources. We recommend you always use a professional, licensed contractor. Verify their services with Better Business Bureau and other sources. This list will assist you if and when you need to make repairs after a disaster.
  • After a disaster, take pictures of your damaged property. This will assist you when consulting with your insurance company. USE CAUTION on your property until you identify all areas are safe. Keep children and others away from all hazards.
  • Reduce Stress…power losses are an inconvenience to everyone. Keep on hand board games, books and other simple appropriate entertainment for family members. Games and family bonding will help pass the time until power is restored.

Click Here to download this list for future reference!