LED Streetlight Resident Feedback


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is designed to receive comments on the six pilot LED fixtures installed in Westbrook CT before the final order for installation is submitted.  

Three LED fixtures have been installed on wooden utility poles at the Town Beach, one 4,000 Kelvin fixture facing into the parking lot at its entrance and two 3,000 Kelvin residential street fixtures on Seaside Avenue. 

The two wooden poles with LED fixtures on Seaview Avenue have a yellow tape tied around them for easy identification. The standard residential street fixture is located next to the basketball hoops about halfway down the parking lot on pole # 840 and a brighter fixture designed for State Routes and other main roads is on pole #906 at the corner of Seaview Avenue and Tarpon Avenue. Residential street intersections will have a fixture with a brightness level between the two fixtures on Seaview. 

Three additional LED retrofits to metal pole light fixtures are scheduled to be installed in late July, one on Flat Rock Place, leading to the Westbrook Outlets, one at the intersection of Fairview and Halls Roads, and one at the end of Halls Road.  For additional information about this streetlight project, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on the Energy Committee's main page. (select Ad Hoc Energy Committee above) and a map of the location of the pilot fixtures is on the left side menu of this webpage.

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