Fair Rent Commission

Information & Mediation Services

Census data shows that almost 20% of All Westbrook housing is rental.

The Westbrook Fair Rent Commission provides a no expense information and mediation service for Westbrook tenants and landlords. If a resolution cannot be obtained, with the exception of seasonal rentals, the commission, upon formal application by the tenant, will hold a hearing with both the tenant and landlord and determine, if appropriate, temporary or permanent rental adjustments under the factors the Fair Rent Commission can legally consider,

No one wants a hearing. The focus of the Westbrook Fair Rent Commission is to resolve the issue to the satisfaction of both the tenant and landlord and insure the comfort, health and safety of Westbrook residents.

Considered Factors

  • The amount of taxes and other expenses of the landlord
  • Damages, other than ordinary wear and tear, which you have caused to the apartment
  • The health and safety conditions of your rental
  • How much the landlord has raised your rent in the past
  • How much of the rent increase will be used to improve your apartment and the building
    • Extra fees and charges are also covered
  • The number of bathtubs or showers, toilets, kitchen sinks and bathroom sinks in your apartment
  • The rents charged for similar apartments in the area
  • The repairs needed to make your apartment livable
  • Services (such as utilities, furniture, furnishings and equipment) supplied by the landlord
  • The size and number of bedrooms in your apartment
  • What utilities you have in your apartment and whether you or your landlord pays for them
  • Whether your apartment complies with the housing code and State statutes relating to health and safety
  • Your income and whether there are other apartments you can afford

Included Properties

Manufactured home complexes, trailer parks and town operated rentals are included. 

Fair Rent & Rent Control

Fair Rent has nothing to do with Rent Control - which does not exist in Connecticut. Fair Rent Commissions consider individual cases only. 

Legal Representation & Appeals

Lawyers are not required, however, Commission decisions are appealable to the court system by either side. Tenants or landlords may choose a spokesperson for the hearing.


If the Commission determines, after a separate hearing, that a landlord has retaliated in any manner against a tenant because the tenant has complained to the commission, the commission may order the landlord to cease and desist from such conduct which is enforceable by the court if necessary.

All Board meetings except for Executive Sessions are open to the public.

Public comment is permitted at the start and conclusion of each meeting. 

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