Harbor Management

Moorings Notice

The Westbrook Harbor Management Plan requires that all private moorings along the Westbrook shoreline be registered with the town of Westbrook.  By town ordinance, after July 15, 2018 all unregistered moorings will be considered abandoned and removed from Westbrook waters.

Registration Requirements

The mooring tackle requirements for beach moorings have recently been revised

Please download a copy of the most recently released requirements document by clicking here:

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If you have questions, please contact Harbormaster Harry Plaut at (860) 982-7555 for requirements specific to each mooring. 

Please note that state law requires all moorings to be marked with a blue striped white ball. 

John Rie, Chairman Westbrook Harbor Management Commission

Visit the Harbor Management Commission web page for important information on committee meeting schedules, agendas and minutes by clicking here:  


On or after June 15, the Westbrook Harbormaster will begin removing unregistered moorings which are deemed dangerous or with nonconforming tackle.  

Unregistered moorings, or moorings that do not comply with the requirements for location, safety, tackle, submerged depth, or moorings that are deemed to be dangerous or a hazard to navigation, may, at the sole discretion of the Harbor Master, be removed.  In the event of removal, any risk of damage or loss is the sole responsibility of the mooring owner.  Removed mooring will be held by the Harbormaster for the Town of Westbrook for a period of sixty (60) days, after which the mooring will be considered abandoned and subject to disposal or sale.
If the owner would like to retrieve the tackle from the Harbor Master, he/she must pay a fee of $200.00, payable to the Town of Westbrook.  If the owner would like to reinstall the mooring, he/she must also complete a Mooring Registration form, and pay the $20.00 annual mooring application fee.  Any and all costs for repair and installation of moorings are the sole responsibility of the mooring owner.  

Visit the Westbrook Council of Beaches web page to information on upcoming meetings and current news by clicking here:Salt_Island_From_Beach Opens in new window

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